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The lodge card

Issue a company-branded payment card and streamline your employee’s travel expense management, fully integrated into your travel agency’s IT system.

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How does the lodge card work?

Your business travel reservations run through your usual travel operator.
centralised invoicing
All of your business expenses are centralised in one account, with a single unified statement.
All of your expenses in one place
Enjoy a better view of your transactions, making it easier to reconcile your invoices.


Simplified, centralised management

The lodge card is stored with your travel agency or your online booking platform. Payments for all business travel are centralised on this card, including airline tickets, train tickets, hotel bookings, and car rental. It’s now easier to manage your business travel accounting, with your core expense documents filed automatically.

The Visa network

Keep control of your finances

The lodge card is the ideal solution for regular travellers and travel managers in large companies. Thanks to the Visa network, it accepted by all travel operators.

Custom budget

Access to the entire travel network

Our solution offers either automatic or manual account management. If you prefer, can top up your card with a regular transfer from the account of your choice.

Why choose

Centralised payment management
Centralise and streamline your travel expense management, from start to finish.
Enhanced expense control
Enjoy greater visibility and maximum control over all of your business travel expenses.
Quick and easy to set up
Store your card information directly with your travel operators.
Fraud prevention
Reduce the risks of travel expense-related fraud with an ultra-secure payment system.
Control your travel budget
Keep a firm hand on your travel budget, both now and in the future.
Dramatically reduce your travel expense documents
Your travelers and financial management teams will save valuable time managing and controlling their expenses.
A better experience for your business travellers
Give your employees a smooth ride, with less hassle.
Improve your environmental footprint
Encourage a more sustainable approach to travel.

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Streamline the management of your company’s business travel expenses.

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose a lodge card?

The core benefits included centralised expenses, cost control, data collection for effective analysis, and maximum compliance to your company’s travel policies.

Are lodge card payments fully secure?

Yes. Our travel cards are equipped with advanced security systems to prevent fraud and unauthorised use.

What does it cost to use a lodge card?

The lodge card is completely free to create and use.

For how long are lodge cards usually valid?

With, you can choose how long your cards remain valid (from one month to four years).

How can I configure a lodge card?

You can suspend or block a lodge card whenever you need to (for example, at the end of your contract with a travel operator), giving you peace of mind and a more secure experience.

After configuring your employee settings and restrictions in your employee card area (set up by your travel operator in line with your company’s travel policy), you can adjust your spend limits and categories as and when you need to.

How are lodge cards adapted to companies with multiple subsidiaries?

To ensure maximum transparency and avoid any complex reorganisation, you can create distinct travel cards for each subsidiary - whether in France or abroad.

Can you make recurring payments with a lodge card, such as for subscriptions or regular invoices?

Lodge cards are designed exclusively for payments made via your travel operator. However, with you can create an unlimited number of free virtual cards dedicated to your subscriptions or repeating invoices.