Business expenses

No more expense reports, ever again

We know just how time-consuming it can be to manage your expense reports and reimbursements. Thankfully, is here to revolutionise how we handle these business expenses. Say goodbye to endless hours chasing up employees for receipts and reimbursements.

Suppresion des notes de frais

Total control from your client area

No more expense reports,
no extra cost

Why invest in an expense report management tool? With, you’ll never need to see an expense report again. Allocation of additional Visa Corporate cards and all their associated functions are included in our monthly subscription fee. Say goodbye to your expense reports for only €29.99 per month.

Client area

Total control from your client area

When you use a card, you’ll never need to worry about expense reports again. A full expense management system is built into the client area. Your employees can see and attach a document to each expense they make. You can carry out complete accounting exports at any time.

Debit card

Advanced debit card settings

The debit card provided by is fully customisable. You can distribute set up cards to all your employees, while keeping absolute control over their use.

Cash-flow management

Say goodbye to time-consuming reimbursements every month

The Visa Corporate card allows your employees to pay for business expenses straight from your company’s account or sub-account. In this way, they don’t pay anything out of their own pocket. And you don’t have to reimburse them or process their expense reports.

Corporate card

Unlimited cards issuance

You can create an unlimited number of cards for your collaborators and employees. The first one is free. Only the card manufacture and shipping costs will be invoiced for the additional cards (€20 per card). No further costs will apply.


Track your account activities in real time

Each employee with a Visa Corporate card can only access their own operations, which they can document as and when necessary. These cards can be blocked if the previous transaction is not justified.

Business expenses

Account documents provided, as and when necessary

Using a computer or mobile phone, it’s easy to upload, scan or take a photo of your expense receipts. They’ll be automatically time-stamped and instantly added to your account.

OCR technology

Scan your receipts clearly and accurately

The amount and tax rate, as well as the name of the service provider, are automatically filled in by OCR reading of the receipt. It is also possible to add a category and a comment.


Save valuable time on your accounting duties

With, the time you need to spend on accounting is drastically reduced. You’ll no longer have to worry about expense reports. And by interfacing your account with your accounting software, you’re sure to gain valuable time.


Complete and instant account export

Thanks to the real-time documentation of the account by your employees, it can be exported and used in accounting at any time.