Service included at no extra cost

Simplified capital increase

The capital increase is an essential step for many companies. Unfortunately, it is often complex and time-consuming for most business owners. Thanks to, you can carry out a capital increase directly from your client area in a few seconds, without extra fees.

augmentation capital

One-click opening

Capital Increase Account

The first step in a capital increase is to open an escrow account dedicated to this operation. This can take several days or even weeks depending on the bank. With, this process is done in a few seconds from your client account.

Deposit of funds

Creation of dedicated deposit IBAN for subscribers

Once the capital increase account has been opened, the legal representative instantly obtains a dedicated bank details which he can communicate to all his subscribers.

Dedicated customer area

Complete follow-up of the process

The legal representative has access to the capital increase account with a dedicated interface that allows him/her to track the funds received and send all the legal documents. Once all the elements have been gathered, the request for a certificate of deposit of the funds is made in one click.

Authenticated certificate

Capital Increase Certificate

Upon receipt of all funds and legal documents,'s compliance department issues a authenticated certificate of capital increase for the registry.

Included in the subscription

Service included at no extra cost

This service is provided at no extra cost to the company and is included in the single package at €29.99 per month.

Frequently asked questions

How do subscribers wire their funds?

As soon as the capital increase account is created, bank details is sent by email to the legal representative so that he can share it with the different subscribers.

Is it possible to increase the capital of a company domiciled in France if the shareholders are not French?

No, the company wishing to carry out a capital increase with must be domiciled in France.

Is it possible to increase the capital of a company domiciled in France if the shareholders are not french?

Yes, provided that the shareholders are of European nationality.

If the shareholders have a non-European nationality, only the bank's compliance department can judge the admissibility of the request. In this case, you can submit your problem directly by email to

Is it possible to make a capital deposit certificate if a shareholder is a legal person?

Yes, both natural and legal persons are accepted.

How long does it take to receive a certificate of deposit?

The certificate is sent by e-mail within 48 hours (working days) upon receipt of all funds and legal documents from the company.

When does the release of funds take place?

The capital is paid up on the main account upon receipt of the final updated articles of association and the minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders recording the capital increase (or an updated Kbis extract).