services dédiés

Tailored services, designed to meet your needs

An effective solution, meeting the specific needs of professionals
and corporates.

Bespoke services, adapted to the needs of your business

In addition to traditional banking services, has developed a range of special tools to meet your specific needs.


Debit card payments allows you to open a local or a VAD/VADS contract. This allows you to receive payments using an electronic card reader, or even via your website.
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Working alongside your accountants

Many features have been developed alongside chartered accountancy firms. Their objective is to facilitate a complete accounting through automation processes.
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Connect your bank account to your accounting software can save you time by automatically exporting your bank data to your accounting software, including your receipts. This authorisation can be revoked at any time.

Healthcare professionals

Automated third-party payer association

This innovative tool is designed especially for French healthcare professionals, allowing them to automatically align their payment systems with third-party payers. The objective? To avoid tedious work which brings no added value to their business.
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