Innovative features

A corporate account that
meets the needs of businesses.

Innovative features to save you
precious time was created for entrepreneurs who were being neglected by traditional banking services, so we work to save company directors’ time.
To achieve this, our teams work tirelessly to develop new ways of simplifying and automating our processes.

A fully customised Corporate card

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Shared access

Give access, safely and securely

We know how busy company directors can be - that’s why we’ve made it easier to share information by providing custom access levels to your employees.
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Multiple transfers

Pay your employees in two minutes

Thanks to our document recognition technology (bank details, pay slips and invoices), you can pay all of your employees in just a few clicks. Each employee will immediately receive an e-mail containing their pay slip and a bank transfer certificate.

Expense reports

No more expense reports, ever again

You’ll no longer need to worry about your expense reports. Thanks to the corporate account and card, you can track and supervise all of your employees’ business expenses.
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OCR technology

Add a beneficiary, quickly and easily

You can now add a beneficiary quickly and easily from your client interface, allowing you to make a transfer. Our technology can automatically read any bank details imported from a computer or mobile phone.


Each payment with its push notification

Every transaction made using one of your Visa Corporate cards will automatically trigger a notification, either by e-mail or on the mobile app. You can configure all your notification settings in your client area.

Frequently asked questions

Can I send you some ideas for new functions, or make suggestions?

Yes, of course! We’d love to hear your ideas. We’re constantly looking for new, useful services for entrepreneurs. So we need plenty of feedback!

We’d love to hear all your ideas about the business bank account, provided they would benefit most entrepreneurs. Send us an e-mail.

Will my monthly payments go up with each new innovation? Will I have to pay to use them?

No. The monthly price does not change. It never goes up or down, and it’s always the same for all our clients.

We aim to give our clients all our innovative new services, as soon as they’re ready to go. This means that the new services and tools will not affect your monthly price at all. It will stay at €29.99.

There will only be a few tools which will incur an additional cost – for example, if you want to issue a banker’s cheque.

How can I stay up to date about the latest innovations?

With the Journal du Manager, our newsletter and our social media, can keep you up to date with our latest innovations. There’ll also be an explainer video to accompany each new tool.

We also issue a press release for our latest tools.

How do I connect my bank account to my accountant’s software?

With your consent, your accountant can access your bank account. The bank data collected will allow them to maintain a full and up-to-date record of your accounts.

And of course, you can revoke their access at any time.