Unlimited Business Card

VISA Business card

Take advantage of our unlimited bank cards, with no ceiling and fully customizable features according to your needs.


What are the benefits of ordering multiple manager.one cards?

The value is to be able to deliver cards, fully configured by the manager, to all employees of the company. Their expenses are thus directly linked to the bank account. This solution puts an end to the painstaking management of expense reports.(see more).

What does the inclusion of the mandatory proofs add?

By requiring each cardholder to document his transactions with supporting documents, company managers ensure that accounts are always ready for an accounting exports. During the document scan, all accompanying data is included as a category is allocated at that point and our OCR technology makes it possible to extract the VAT rate, its amount, etc.

What if I lose my card?

In case you lose your card you can block it immediately from your mobile application or from your client area on the website. The card becomes instantly unusable. If it is stolen, you can immediately cancel it. This action is irreversible and entails ordering a new card.

Is it possible to set up multiple cards together?

Yes. For all large orders of cards, manager.one provides entrepreneurs with an API that allows managers to configure all cards with the same simultaneously. Exceptions are then dealt with by specifically enabling or disabling features on each card.