carte visa business

Visa Corporate card

A card with no payment limit, that you can setup in real time.

  • No more expense reports
  • Unlimited cards, with no additional monthly fees
  • Block a card automatically with undocumented expenses
carte visa business

Enjoy a truly limitless card experience

The Visa Corporate card was designed to be fully customisable by the holder, depending on the needs of their business. We wanted to offer professionals a simple, secure and highly functional tool.

Number of cards

An unlimited number of cards,
with no extra cost

You can order as many Visa Corporate cards as you need. The first card is absolutely free. Only the card manufacture and shipping costs will be invoiced for the additional cards (€20 per card). No other charge will be applied.

Card allocation

Issue a card to each of your employees

Because you can create as many Visa Corporate cards as you want, you can give one to each of your employees. They can then complete all their day-to-day tasks independently, and manage their own professional expenses.

Business expenses

Allocation of business expenses allows you to allocate cards or users for each expense. You can use whichever labels you want. Every user will have access to the bank account and every card-holder can use the online interface or their mobile to link an expense to a project.

Business expenses

Attributing business expenses allows you to attribute business expenses. It means that the Visa Corporate card holder can attribute their expenses to one or more people specifically. This information is then visible in the data exported to the accounting software.


Create any sub-accounts you may need

In order to restrict access to the primary account, one or several sub-accounts may be created. Any cards given to employees can then be connected to a specific sub-account.


Advanced settings for your Visa Corporate card allows you to customise each of your Corporate cards in real time, directly from your client area. A lot of tools are available: you can temporarily block the card on certain days of the week, activate contactless payments or even set which kind of expenses you want to authorise.

Payment limits

Set your own payment limits

In theory, the Visa Corporate card does not have any payment limits. You can, however, set a certain payment and withdrawal limit for each card. These can then be modified in real time from your client area, using your computer or mobile app.

Business expenses

Supervise your employees’ expenses

Keeping control over your employees’ business expenses is now child’s play. Each of your employees will use a Visa Corporate card for their business expenses, and you’ll have configured it beforehand.


Get your notifications in real time

Each transaction completed using one of your Visa Corporate cards will trigger a notification on your mobile phone. This will contain all of the key transaction information, such as the name of the establishment and the payment total. You can configure how and when you receive your notifications via your computer or mobile.


Documenting your operations

After using a Corporate card, you can scan or upload the associated receipt. This will simplify your accounting, and ensure that there are no holes in your accounts.

Business expenses

Secure your employees’ expenses

You can block the use of any card, if no receipt or document has been associated with the previous operation. This means that every transaction is fully documented, as and when it happens. It can therefore be sent to the accounting department at any time.


What’s the benefit for a company to have multiple debit cards? allows you to give your employees a pre-configured Visa Corporate card, according to your needs. They can then make purchases without going through you.

Your employees will become much more independent in terms of their own business expenses, which they can manage and document on their own. You’ll no longer have to worry about reimbursing them, so you can save a huge amount of time.

There’s no danger at all in allocating a debit card to your partners and employees, even if it is to your primary bank account. These cards are fully customisable, in real time. You can even block them at a moment’s notice.

You can also choose to be alerted each time each debit card is used. You can activate notifications according to the cardholder, the location, the total payment, the type of operation, etc.

And if you’re still uncomfortable giving your team cards connected to your primary account, you can always create sub-accounts.

What can I do if my card is lost or stolen?

The first thing to do is block the card. You can do this in real time, from your web browser or your mobile app. The card will immediately become unusable, until you decide to reactivate it.

In your client area, you can also declare that a card has been lost or stolen. The card will immediately become unusable. You’ll then have to order another one.

The temporary card block can be very useful when the card is not in the possession of the cardholder, but is not definitively lost. However, if it’s clear that it’s been stolen, you need to report it.

Why is there no payment limit on the debit card?

This is primarily a technical reason. We have developed a number of specific, high-tech tools for the system and essentially built an entire web banking platform from scratch, plus a unique payment server. Together, these provide real-time oversight for our debit cards.