application mobile

Your account on your mobile

An application designed to facilitate your daily business life and optimize the use of your Corporate card.

  • Setting up your Corporate card, anywhere, anytime
  • Application secured by code, fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Scan your receipts in real time, ensuring your accounts are always fully up to date
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application mobile

Access your bank account wherever, whenever

The application has been designed to meet the mobility needs of company managers. Are you on the move? Then your account is, too.
We have developed this application to make it as complete and intuitive as possible. You can carry out day-to-day operations at any time, anywhere.


Access on Android & iOS

The mobile app is available for Android and iOS (iPhone) and compatible with smartphones and tablets. You can access your account wherever you are, at any time, on any device. The only thing you can’t do on your mobile is apply to open a new account.


Fast and secure authentication allows you to activate your phone's biometric authentication functions (Touch ID, Face ID, Fingerprint), for a 100% secure connection. Once connected, you have access to all your bank account data: account balance, last payments, and all other features offered by

Bank account

Independent account management

Most of the tools are available using our mobile app. You can manage your bank account from your phone: access your operations, download your bank details and send statements...


Make bank transfers, instantly

In just a few minutes, you can set up any type of bank transfer you need from your phone. With our app, you can add a beneficiary by automatically scanning their bank details, entering the relevant transfer details and then approving it just like that.


Get your notifications in real time

Each transaction completed using one of your Visa Corporate cards will trigger a notification on the mobile phone of the cardholder. Information about the transaction will then be available in the app. And of course, you can set these notifications however you like.

Accounts and sub-accounts

Smoother navigation between accounts

Each user can associate all of the accounts and sub-accounts they use to their client area. These accounts can also be linked to one or several companies. This makes it a breeze to switch from one to the other without needing to be authenticated all over again.

Business expenses

Real-time documentation for each expense

The mobile app allow you to document every business expense, as and when it happens. Just scan the receipt after each operation.


Sort out and organise your operations

With each operation, the relevant information is added - either manually or automatically: category, service provider name, amount, VAT rate, etc. This makes it easier to submit complete account data to your accountant.

Corporate card

Complete Corporate card setup

You can setup the Visa Corporate card straight from our mobile app. You can, for example, choose to block a card temporarily, increase the payment limit or even activate contactless payment. There are many ways to set the parameters. Thanks to our app, you can manage and oversee your cards, even if they are not in your possession.

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I apply to open an account through the mobile app?

The documents required when applying to open an account (such as company status documents) are generally not available on a mobile phone. As such, it would better not to interrupt an application on a mobile in order to continue it on a computer.

Additionally, when creating an account, it’s better to submit scanned PDF documents rather than photos. When documents are fully readable, it speeds up the application process considerably.

Lastly, we really wanted the mobile app to be a tool that you use every day.

How is the mobile app updated?

Our app is updated in the same way as all the other apps installed on your phone. A dot will appear, telling you that an update is available.

Also, each time we add a new tool, you’ll receive a notification shortly after the update. This allows us to tell you about our latest innovations, and explain how they work.

Isn’t it better and more secure to log in with a computer?

No. Despite what you may think, mobile phones are now more secure than computers.

Using the latest authentication technology (such as fingerprinting or facial recognition), there are considerably fewer risks than when using a traditional password. While passwords may be stolen from your computer, it can’t happen with a phone.

Is there a risk if you change or lose your phone?

No. There is no risk.

Firstly, there are several secure authentication procedures in place. The app checks your identity each time you log in. Without your fingerprints or your username, access to the account is not possible.

Secondly, no data is stored locally (on your phone). And in any case, all of your correspondence is encrypted.