dashboard manager.one

A clear and intuitive client area

An interface adapted to the needs of professionals and their companies.

An account designed for all kinds of entrepreneur

We’re always aiming to provide company directors with new and innovative solutions. That’s why our client area is deliberately simple, ergonomic and intuitive. It was designed to address the problems faced by all entrepreneurs, whatever their sector.


View your account status in real time

The dashboard provides a clear and concise view of all your essential account details: your current balance, the latest deposits and payments, and the number of pending transfers.

Services and tools

Easy and simple access to all our services

You can access all your account tools from the sidebar on your dashboard. The menu is simple and intuitive, designed to save you time.

Capital operations

A deposit certificate, issued quickly

With manager.one, you can open a capital increase account in just a few minutes for no extra charge, with its own dedicated bank details. The capital deposit certificate will be sent free of charge within 48 hours of the funds and all of the associated documents being deposited.
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Shared access

Share access, safely and securely

You can allocate personalised access levels to your employees or service providers. This may include your accountant, financial director or associate.
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Accounting support

Interface with your bank account from your accounting software

The manager.one API can interface smoothly with the Budget Insight bank detail aggregator. If you wish, our solution can automatically export data from your bank account. It will be sent directly to the chosen accounting software.
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Accounts and sub-accounts

Smoother navigation between accounts

All of your manager.one accounts and sub-accounts are accessible from the same client area. Switch from one to the other quickly and easily, without having to log out and back in.

Bank details

Access your bank details quickly

Right from the homepage on your client area or mobile app, you can display, send or download your bank details in two clicks.

Secure messaging

Access to a private messaging service

You can access a private messaging service from your client area. With this, you can securely contact the manager.one client service teams, in complete confidentiality.

Frequently asked questions

Is the manager.one account really suitable for all entrepreneurs?

Yes, except for a few specific cases.

The services and tools provided by manager.one have been adapted to all types of entrepreneur profile. Today, our services are ideal for both individual entrepreneurs and larger companies.

Of course, some entrepreneurs will get more out of our services than others. For example, entrepreneurs who make major purchases online, or those who currently spend a lot of time paying salaries or managing expense reports.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs who handle a large number of cheque or cash payments may not find everything they need with our banking services. We don’t focus on these specific services, so they’ll also need to work with a traditional bank.

What exactly is an online bank?

An online bank is simply a bank without branches, agencies or tellers. The banker will never meet their client in person. Everything happens online, using the latest technology: computer, smartphone or tablet.

As such, it’s clear that traditional payment types (cheques and cash) are not particularly well-suited to this type of service. Entrepreneurs using these modes of payment on a daily basis will generally turn towards more traditional banks, either in part or completely.

Online banks can provide a banking service in two different ways. They can act as an extension of a traditional bank - using the same model as an online pharmacy, for example. They can also be a "pure player" bank, and only exist online.

In France, there are currently no pure player online banks. In general, the online banks here are supported by traditional banks. This is the case for manager.one, a partnership with the Banque Wormser Frères. Others act as a payment service provider. This status prevents them from accepting deposits or issuing credit.

Can I talk to someone if there is a problem? Is feedback welcome?

Yes, of course.

If you have any problems, you can contact us using the secure messaging service on your client area. And if it’s an urgent problem, you can contact us by phone, too.

Aside from that, we’re always happy to hear your comments and suggestions. These can run from improving the client interface to suggesting a new banking tool or service. All feedback is good feedback! If you’ve got something to say, contact us directly at contact@manager.one.

Can I get quick credit?

No. manager.one cannot issue credit. Your bank account must also always be positive.

Issuing credit is a heavily regulated and monitored activity. As manager.one’s primary objective is to make it easier to manage your business bank account, we don’t want to focus on credit or overdrafts.

When you become a manager.one client, you can still open another account with a credit-issuing establishment. We know that our clients will sometimes need to borrow capital when they reach a certain stage of financial development.

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