Our commitments

Why create manager.one?

When we’d started up businesses before, the time needed to manage the administrative side of the project, and the frustratingly opaque banking pricing we had to deal with, left a bitter taste in our mouths.

Aside from the time wasted managing our cash-flow and accounting, we found that it was more or less impossible to get a handle on our banks’ pricing.

We had real trouble finding a bank that was adapted to the specific needs of entrepreneurs. Online banks were promising, but they only targeted private clients. French companies like ours were forced to choose banking solutions which were both rigid and expensive.

This is what led to the development of manager.one.

We decided to focus on the things that had really let us down in the past. And with the new technology we’d been working on, we wanted to offer an innovative new solution to entrepreneurs. The objective? To make their lives easier by giving them a powerful and flexible bank account, adapted specifically to their businesses. This meant saving them valuable time, which they could devote to adding value.

The arrival of Open Banking was conclusive proof that we were on the right track.

This was an incredibly stimulating challenge for a team of developers like ours. Month after month, we developed the banking solution that we’d been dreaming of for years. And the expertise of our partners at the Banque Wormser Frères, an innovative player in the banking sector, was the final piece of the puzzle.

In July 2017, manager.one opened its very first account - our own.

What was the driving force behind the project?

manager.one owes its existence to two founding principles, principles that you’ll find nowhere else:
• Total transparency in our pricing, with a single monthly subscription for every client.
• And an ever-growing list of tools and services, at no extra cost.

Pricing transparency was the core principle behind manager.one. This led to our central objective: offering clients a single, fully transparent price for the service.

This led us to use a subscription-based model, in which almost all of our tools and services are covered by a single fee. All our clients can access all our services for a single price, with no distinction among them.

Along the same lines, we also made the decision to take no commission from our clients’ bank transfers.

The second principle behind manager.one was to offer an ever-growing list of tools and services, without increasing the price. Our teams are constantly working to develop new tools and services to make the system easier to use and to save our clients time. All of our clients can access all of our latest innovations, at no extra cost. Thanks to our subscription-based model, we can include all of our services in a single product. Lastly, we make it a priority to listen out for our clients’ needs.

Moreover, we’ve made sure that our bank account is accessible to any kind of entrepreneur, working anywhere and using any device. The platform and the mobile app were created according to a series of strict specifications to ensure an ergonomic and fluid experience. The objective was clear: to offer you a pleasant, secure and intuitive online banking platform that will help save you valuable time as you manage your company.

Our values

manager.one is an online bank made for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. We have a number of core values which we share with our clients on a daily basis.


While we are governed by the confidentiality rules inherent to the banking sector, we are committed to total transparency in how we work and communicate within the company.

We were able to gradually build manager.one into what it is today by sharing our expertise and identifying key needs. We are committed to transparency with our clients, especially with the development of our system. Don’t worry though, you’ll be the first to hear about any changes at manager.one. What’s more, with manager.one there aren’t (and will never be) any hidden costs, services or tools.


Here at manager.one, we don’t believe that a banking service should depend on your sector or the size of your company. We make no distinction between any of our clients: we offer one, and only one, banking solution. Each of our clients can access all of our tools and services, thanks to our subscription model. We cannot accept that one company has better conditions or pricing than the others.


It’s no accident that online banks are getting more and more popular. They fulfil a key requirement for any entrepreneur, allowing them to save valuable time. You need a fully operational bank, wherever you are and whatever time of day it may be - and we’ve created it for you.

Efficiency has to be the top priority, whether in our daily professional lives or in our banking service.


Our solution guarantees that you and your data will remain highly secure when you’re completing sensitive operations. Biometric authentication (facial recognition or fingerprints) ensures maximum security when adding a beneficiary or making a transfer. What’s more, manager.one uses OCR technology. This allows us to clearly and accurately read all of the characters in a document. Human error is now a thing of the past!

Thanks to our own in-house technology, manager.one has become one of the most secure products on the market. And this security extends to every platform, whether you’re accessing the service on a computer or smartphone.