Shared access

Share access with your team

Define and give wholly customisable access privileges to your employees, while maintaining total control over your sensitive operations.

Partage d'accès


Creating sub-accounts

If you’d rather restrict access to your primary account information, you can create a dedicated sub-account for your employees. Using this sub-account and our Visa Corporate card, your employees can manage their own business expenses in a dedicated bank account.

Secure access

Creating customised access privileges allows you to set access privileges which are fully customisable (and revocable) in real time to the people of your choice: assistant, accountant, financial director, etc.

Bank statements

Automatic statements

If you don’t want to provide access to your account, you can schedule bank statements to be sent monthly to the recipients of your choice. It can be accompanied by the corresponding receipts and documents.

Account operations

Get your expense documents in real time

All of the payments from your bank account are documented in real time, by downloading or scanning the relevant receipts. Our Visa Corporate cards can be set to prevent any further transactions if the last one has not been documented.

Account operations

Expense classification

From your client area, you have the option to attribute the expenses made to one or several categories: suppliers, transport, fees, etc. When your bank data is then exported, it’s all fully documented and sorted.

Export to your accounting department

Personalise your exports

You can export all of your operations, alongside all the information entered previously (VAT, category). The associated receipts can also be attached. These operations can be exported in Excel, CSV, OFX or QIF format.

Bank statements

Unlimited account history data

All of your bank statements are available online, and you can access them from the very first month. You can even download an entire year’s worth of bank statements in no time at all. What’s more, it can be sent to another e-mail address quickly and effectively.


Sending data to other software

You can consent to your account data being sent to another bank, or to your accountant’s software.

Frequently asked questions

Are my account and sub-accounts really secure?

Yes By allocating specific access privileges to your employees, they won’t see anything in the account you don’t want them to.

Access privileges can be allocated indefinitely, or for a specific period in line with an assignment or project. And of course, you can revoke these privileges whenever you want.

If the access privileges are for a sub-account, then the guest user can only access this sub-account.

You can also grant access privileges to several accounts and sub-accounts to a single guest user. All of these accounts will be displayed in their client area. No further authentication is required to switch from one account to another.

Just having a debit card does not give the holder access to the corresponding account. Only the operations completed with this card will be visible on their interface, allowing them to document their expenses (number of guests, allocation, total VAT, etc.).

Why would I want to link my account to my accountant’s software?

We know just how time-consuming accounting can be, and just how valuable any saved time can be for a company director. allows you to authorise the transfer of your bank data to the software used by your accountant. In this way, your accounting is automatically and securely documented. You no longer have to do a thing.

Can I really revoke any authorisation in real time?

Yes. All of your authorisations can be revoked, whenever you want. The guest user will instantly lose all their privileges, and there’s nothing to delay this action.

This real-time suspension is possible thanks to our own in-house technology. We don’t need to go via any service provider to get it done.

Will allocating Visa Corporate cards to my employees really save me time?

Yes, absolutely. allows you to give a Visa Corporate card to each of your employees, all of which are completely customisable and fully secured.

Your employees can then manage and document all their business expenses directly from their personal area.

There’s no need to request reimbursement, and no other tools are necessary. This represents a significant saving in terms of both time and money.