Debit card payments

Take payments quickly, securely and effectively

When you sign up to, you can open a local contract or a VAD/VADS. This allows you to accept secure card payments, wherever you are.

Partage d'accès

A local contract or VAD/VADS

A subscription service with absolutely no strings attached

It’s free to sign up, and you can leave at any time. There’s a single, fully transparent commission rate for everyone: 0.90% per transaction.

Real-world sales

Take advantage of a local contract

Whatever your business, a local contract allows you to take card payments using an electronic payment terminal.

On-line sales

Take advantage of a VAD/VADS contract

VAD/VADS contracts allow you to sell products and services online and take payments directly through your website. You can choose to activate 3D-Secure, ensuring that your clients can trust the system.

You’ve already got a card reader

You can connect your payments to your device

If you’ve already got a card reader, you can configure it so that payments go directly to your account. Get your associated debit card now, completely free of charge.

You don’t have a card reader

Pick up a next-generation card reader - it’s easy

If you don’t have a card reader, you can get one from We have the next-generation Verifone v240m card reader in stock - it’ll be pre-configured and ready to go upon delivery. This reader is Wi-Fi/3G compatible, has a touchscreen and is in line with all the latest security standards.
It’s available to buy for €499 before tax.