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Bank transfers

Secure payment, for all types of transfer

Thanks to, you can make any type of transfer - single, multiple, recurring, immediate, deferred, SEPA or non-SEPA. It’s quick and easy to send money from your client area, your computer or your smartphone.

Transfer tracking

A transfer certificate, issued quickly

The beneficiaries of all of your transfers can be notified automatically by e-mail. They can then track the transfer in real time, thanks to the integrated tracking link.
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Direct debits

Anticipate your debits and transfers

To help you get a clearer view of your cash-flow, you can view your direct debits and transfers before they are executed.
If an upcoming debit exceeds the current balance of your account, you’ll be notified that it will be rejected before it happens. You can then make a deposit in time.

Cheques and cash

Traditional banking operations

Our innovative solution can adapt to all of your needs. allows you, on an occasional basis, to complete traditional banking activities: banker’s cheques, and depositing cheques and cash.
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