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The fuel card

Learn all about our dedicated card payment solution, designed to simplify your fuel expenses. With this card, enjoy simplified, efficient and fully centralized management of your employees’ fuel expenses.

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How does the fuel card work?

A fully tailored card
Restrict your cards to fuel use only by selecting “Petrol Station” and switching off all other options. You can adjust it further, for example with specific payment limits.
Fuel and literage information
For each expense, you can ensure your employees provide the fuel consumption and mileage information for each vehicle.
Real-time tracking
Using your dashboard, you can track all of your employees’ fuel expenses and filter the information you need.


Simplified, centralised management

Fuel receipts can be a real headache for companies. Each one must be verified, approved, and accounted for. With a fuel card, you can automate this process. Every payment made at a petrol station is directly recorded onto your company’s bank account, alongside the key information (type and quantity of fuel, mileage), making life easier for your accounts and management teams.


Accepted everywhere

Our fuel card runs on the Visa network. It is a multi-brand card, accepted in every petrol station in France and in Europe, no matter the outlet.


Fully configurable

The fuel card can be configured to meet your specific needs. You can set payment limits per day, week, month or year, and even restrict use to certain days of the week. This allows you to configure each card according to each employee’s needs and privileges.

Why choose the fuel card?

Centralised payment management
Centralise and simplify payment for all of your fuel expenses.
Fuel consumption and mileage reporting
Access all the key information for each expense.
Quick and easy to set up
Order physical cards or generate pre-configured virtual cards.
A fully configurable card
Configure your cards according to the needs and privileges of your employees: limits, days, receipt uploads, and more.
Real-time tracking
A multi-brand card you can use in any petrol station in France and around Europe.
Dramatically fewer receipts to file
Free your financial teams and employees from laborious receipt management and control.
Accepted everywhere
A multi-brand card you can use in any petrol station in France and around Europe.
Improve your environmental footprint
Say goodbye to detours to branded petrol stations, just use the closest one at hand.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a company fuel card?

A fuel card is specially designed to simplify fuel expense management.

With this card, companies can better track their employees’ fuel purchases using features such as expense controls, detailed fuel consumption data collection, and often the option to restrict the card to certain specific uses.

Why choose a company fuel card?

Fuel cards offer a number of strategic advantages for companies.

They streamline fuel expense management by providing a centralised tool which monitors and checks each transaction. It also helps optimise budget management by producing detailed fuel use reports, helping companies make enlightened decisions about how to save money.

Additionally, fuel cards simplify a company’s administrative processes by eliminating paper receipts and providing enhanced traceability of their expenses.

Why choose a fuel card?

The fuel card is specifically designed to meet all of a company’s travel expense needs. Thanks to the cards advanced settings, such as payment limits for different expense categories, companies enjoy full control over their travel budget.

The fuel card is accepted in every petrol station network in France and abroad, making it easier to manage expenses concerning work travel.

Lastly, it can be a step towards a full corporate card. These are also fully configurable, with integrated receipt management, providing a 360° solution to manage work trips by your employees, at no extra cost.

Which settings are available with the fuel card?

Your card settings can change to suit how your company wants to use the fuel card. These include the option to set payment limits and restrictions, specific privileges for specific drivers or vehicles, and detailed reports about how the card is used.

Can you get the TICPE tax back?

A road freight transport or public passenger transport company can access a partial refund of the domestic tax on energy products (TICPE) using the online form available on the government website: facilitates the reimbursement process, letting companies retrieve the necessary data for the declaration in just a few clicks from their client space.