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The smart card functionality uses the IDEMIA Card Connect technology integrated in the payment card. It allows the cardholder to easily share a virtual business card, internet content or a file by simply scanning the card with an NFC-enabled phone.

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Business card

Share a virtual business card

This option allows you to share your virtual business card with all your professional information: profile photo, contact details, email address, telephone number, social network profiles. This information can be modified in real time from the user interface.


Share a personalized website

This option allows you to share the web content of your choice with your interlocutor. For example, a link to your LinkedIn profile, your company's website, a product catalogue, or a video. The possibilities are endless.


Share a file directly

This option allows you to share the file of your choice with your contact. The file is stored securely on our servers. It is possible to share an image or video file, as well as a Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Adobe PDF document.

Simple & secure

Based on IDEMIA Card Connect technology

IDEMIA Card Connect allows the generation and secure storage of authentication data on a physical card. It allows the exchange of this data between the card and a smartphone by simple scanning via NFC technology in a completely secure manner.

Frequently asked questions

Which phones are compatible with the Smart card?

Compatible devices are those with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, i.e. almost all recent smartphones. Today, 9 out of 10 phones are compatible with this type of technology. The owner of the device must simply check that the NFC option is activated (Android).

What is a virtual business card?

The virtual business card allows you to record your contact details (photo, phone number, email, web link) in a dematerialised card. This card is then attached to a single physical medium that will transmit the card to a compatible phone using NFC technology.

Thanks to this system, you no longer need to carry around a bunch of cards that will end up in the bin. You change your phone number or email address? No more obsolete cards that end up in a drawer, you can update your information in real time from your user interface.

And because we've integrated it directly into our Visa payment cards, you save space in your wallet, making our Smart card easy to use and a real help to the environment.

Is the Smart card secure?

Thanks to the IDEMIA Card Connect technology, which allows you to generate and securely store authentication data on a physical card, only the business information stored in your contact record is available and nothing else. Sensitive data from your user account is never transmitted to your contact's device. Moreover, the option can be deactivated at any time in real time from the settings page of your payment card.

What kind of web content can be shared?

When you choose to share a web link, you can enter any URL. For example, you can enter the URL of your company's website, the link to your social network profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter...), the direct link to a video file or even a presentation stored online. The possibilities are numerous and you choose what is best suited to your needs.

What type of file can be shared?

The file sent must be of type image (png, jpg, gif), Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office (ppt/pptx, doc/docx, xls/xlsx) or video (mov or mp4).

The maximum file size should not exceed 24MB.