Associating a third-party payer |

Healthcare professionals can save valuable time when managing their third-party payers automatically collects your third-party payer documents and associates them with the corresponding reimbursements on your bank account.

Tiers payant Ameli pro

No software installed, no extra costs

You can install this tool quickly and easily. Just enter your Ameli Pro log in data into your secure area.
The payment documents from the various health insurance funds will then be automatically collected and displayed in your balance summary. They’ll be associated with the corresponding reimbursements, and you don’t have to do a thing. The operation is renewed as many times as necessary.

A fantastic time-saver

Say goodbye to those long, arduous tasks that bring no added value to your business. By automatically associating third-party payers, the bank account will dramatically reduce the time you spend on administrative matters.

Fully satisfied healthcare professionals

« We’d got used to spending up to a whole day every month associating our reimbursements from the various CPAM funds with the operations we’d done. This is a major innovation, and it’s made it all automatic. It’s really incredible. »
Dr Laetitia Jarry, Urologist in her Paris clinic.