All-inclusive offer

Fully online and commitment-free
with no turnover fees

Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
The account is in line with your professional expectations.

A safe solution

The Banque Wormser Frères has been supporting you since 1936.

Accounting made simple

Quickly assign invoices to each of your operations.

User management

Share access to your account with other users (accountants, partners, etc.)

For all your payments

Transfers everywhere in the euro zone and internationally. Bank checks, cashing checks ...

Get unlimited card

VISA Business cards unlimited. With or without ceilings and fully customizable online.

Simple, efficient and secure

Consult transactions and carry out banking operations intuitively and in complete security.

Discover your customer area

Simplicity is our priority.


Your dashboard

Your dashboard provides you with a list of your most recent payments and expenses at a glance. Your provisional balance is immediately highlighted, and from your home page you can edit or send your bank account details to anyone.


Access all your accounts

Do you have several companies or would like to have several accounts for your company? Switching from one account to another has never been easier.


Organize your documents

The linking of transactions has never been so intuitive. Combine all your receipts in a few seconds and easily export all your accounting records.


Track your payments revolutionizes the management of your payments. You no longer need to sign in to your interface every day. Enter the list of pending payments online and receive a Push and/or email notification as soon as the money is credited to your account.